Why Cherrypicked Locations.

Cherrypicked Locations (CPL) prides itself on working differently to other agencies. We go above and beyond in assisting our clients to secure the right location, be it a modern architectural masterpiece of a home, to a dilapidated building or even a sand quarry. There is no location we turn away if we believe it can work for the industry.

We are a turnkey location agency and we make certain from the time we receive the brief until our client wraps the shoot, that both client and location owner are happy to ensure repeat business from our client and repeat shoots at our locations.

What can you expect what you list your property with Cherrypicked Locations?

How much could you earn?

How does Cherrypicked Locations make money?

Is your property suitable?

What are some of the things you should consider?

If you are interested in CPL marketing your property given the details and requirements expressed in the above FAQ’s then send us a few internal and external pictures of your property(even phone snaps will do). We can then determine if your property is suitable for shoots. Please send the pictures to: new@cherrypicked.co.za

Once we have given your property the green light for film shoots, we will contact you to set up a meeting and give you an extensive overview on how we work and what you can expect.

Photographing your property

Once we have agreed that your property is suitable and we have met and filled out the relevant paperwork, we will arrange a professional photographer to shoot your property. This is to ensure we market your property to the best of our ability and capture its uniqueness professionally and strategically.

Note: The photographer will contact you directly to set up a date and time for the professional shoot that suits you best.

Please ensure the following on the day: